Does the idea of interviewing an ABA company seem daunting? Beginning ABA can be overwhelming. With a diagnosis of autism, suddenly you are tasked with becoming an expert in autism, insurance, and now ABA.

At The Helm we get the opportunity to talk with so many different families each week. We love these conversations because it gives us a chance to not only hear their story but educate them about what we do and the power of ABA therapy.

Typically, most of our initial conversations with families begin on the phone. Each conversation is different. Some parents have just received their autism diagnosis, whereas others have been traveling this road for some time now. Despite their differences all of our parent conversations unite in the hope to find the best services for their child.

So what exactly should you be asking your future ABA provider? Should is really a loaded word. There isn’t a one size fits all set of questions. The questions you ask should be as unique as the individual needs of your child. With that said, there are questions that as a provider we really love to hear! These are questions that get us as your potential provider excited about our future partnership and let us know that you are TRULY interested in how we can make an awesome plan together.

  1. What is ABA?
  2. What makes your company different from all other ABA providers?
  3. Who will work on my child’s team? What are their credentials?
  4. How often will I see my BCBA?
  5. Can I observe a session? How can I get involved as a parent?
  6. What does a typical session look like? Will my child be sitting at a table all day?
  7. How do we know how much therapy and what setting for therapy (in-home vs. clinic) will be best for my child?
  8. How are my child’s goals created and how often will we revisit what is important to work on?
  9. Will you collaborate with my child’s speech, occupational therapy, or school? What has a typical collab

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    oration experience looked like these types of providers and why do you think they are valuable?

  10. What is the end goal of the ABA program? How long should I expect for my child to need ABA therapy?

Pro tip! Make sure you research the company’s website before calling or visiting the office. Often times the most basic questions can be answered, which can save valuable intake time for more hard-hitting questions! Looking to save even more time? Download our free resource and take the top 10 questions with you to your first intake meeting!