Finally. Birthday parties have not been my favorite. I end up sweating more than all the kiddos because I’m either chasing after my son, re-directing him or correcting his behavior. Birthday parties are exhausting. I’ve had my nanny attend some of them with me so she can chase after him so I can meet some of the moms for a change and have an adult conversation. While majority of my mom friends just sit and mingle, I’m THAT mom chasing after my son. I always show up in sneakers and yoga pants ready to go and many times have had to call the event space prior to the party to make sure they could accommodate my son if no parents are allowed in the party space (i.e. like those Gym places). Then once there, I remind the party coordinator again that my son has autism and may need some re-directing or let them know I will be “attending” the fun with my son! But in all honestly we have “missed” a few birthday parties too… But it’s all worth it at the end when you see your kiddo so happy to be able to play with his friends because well playdates are non-existent in our world, right?
So after 5 years of this, FINALLY we made it. We went to my BFFs birthday party at My Little Gym last week and I felt like we were at a point finally where WE had this mastered. I didn’t call ahead, I didn’t give the coordinator a heads up and I didn’t even enter the party area! I sat with all the other cool moms outside and chatted. I didn’t sweat and I enjoyed the birthday party as much as he did…finally. I left the party in tears as we had hit a huge mommy milestone. Here is to never “missing” a birthday party again!